Product Line

-Vulcan NastyCast
-Vulcan 4400-AS
-Vulcan 460-AP
-Vulcan SunArc
-Vulcan 400-CG
-Vulcan 910-AH
-Vulcan T-4400-CG
-Vulcan T-9900-TS
-Vulcan OMC-260-HF
-Vulcan G-51 Brazing Kit
-Vulcan 65-PSS
-Vulcan 310
-Vulcan 320

Product Feedback

Vulcan NastyCast
-Wow, you guys take good care of me. Thank you both for being one of my most valuable resources. Looking forward to working in this item (Nastycast) - Anne in NH. CLICK HERE to see photos sent to us from Anne demonstrating a successful gray cast iron weld using Vulcan Nastycast.

-These cast iron rods work great. Had to repair a exhaust manifold. I heated the manifold up and then welded the mounting ears back on. The nasty cast rod made a clean strong weld. Easy as pie. 80 amps on my welder worked best. Amazing really. Can't wait to use them again. -Patrick in NY

-Best thing since sliced bread! For welding cast iron, these rods are the answer to your prayers ! Easy to use, comes with recommended setting for AMPS, thus making the weld a sure thing. Will buy again and so will my friends now that they has seen the results. -Dennis in FL

Company Information

American Industrial Network, LLC
5740 F-41
Oscoda, MI 48750