Cast Iron Repair:

Vulcan NastyCast:

Vulcan NastyCast is a premium electrode used for welding cast iron. Deposits have a close color match to cast iron and special fluxing agents to weld dirty, nasty, contaminated cast iron.

Typical Applications:
Welding of castings that are saturated with oil, grease, chemicals, and other contaminants that make welding with other rods almost impossible. Often used to repair burned furnace grates and to join problem cast irons to steel. Also used to weld cracked machine bases, housings, and for the build up of worn areas.

Clean weld area if possible. Remove surface skin and all sharp edges. Bevel joint to form a U-groove. A bead hole must be welded at right angles to each end of all cracks to prevent spreading. Use low amperage and maintain a short arc. Short stringer beads or narrow weave beads should be used to prevent excessive heat build-up. When breaking the arc, always fill the crater and drag rod back over the weld deposit. Peening while still hot will help reduce stress. When restriking the arc, start on previously deposited weld metal, not on the base material. Allow part to cool slowly.

1/8″ NastyCast – 2 lbs $79.98 (39.99/lb)

1/8″ NastyCast – 5 lbs $189.99 (38.00/lb)

1/8″ NastyCast – 10 lbs $359.99 (36.00/lb)

3/32″ NastyCast – 2 lbs $82.98 (41.49/lb)

3/32″ NastyCast – 5 lbs $192.50 (38.50/lb)

Vulcan 700-GR:
Vulcan 700-GR is a gouging and chamfering electrode typically used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals for removing unwanted or defective weld metal, preparing parts prior to welding, or removing risers and reducing large areas of metal prior to machining. Can also be used for cutting frozen nuts and bolts.

700-GR is a highly efficient electrode that performs with all types of welding machines with sufficient capacity. The forceful arc blow is produced by the special coating which eliminates the need for compressed air or oxygen. It also has excellent restrike capability. The size and depth of the groove can easily be controlled.

Hold electrode at a low angle to the workpiece (10 to 15 degrees). Point the electrode in the direction of the desired groove, strike the arc and push the electrode as fast as the metal is removed. Maintain as short an arc as possible. The maximum depth of the groove in a single pass should not be greater than the diameter of the core wire. For deep grooves, use multiple passes.

1/8″ 700-GR – 2 lbs $38.99 (19.50/lb)

1/8″ 700-GR – 5 lbs $87.99 (17.60/lb)

1/8″ 700-GR – 10 lbs $169.99 (17.00/lb)

Steel Repair:

Vulcan 4400-AS:

Vulcan 4400-AS is a premium arc welding alloy for welding any & all steels and any combination of steels.

Typical Applications:
Ideal for repair of all steels including tool steels, high Manganese steels, stainless steels, spring and coil steels, heat-treat trays, tap and drill extensions, high tensile shock-resistant steels, tap and stud extraction. Can also be used for underlayment of hardfacing alloys in mining applications as well as rebuilding shafts, gears, frames, and cast steel parts.

Prepare joint area by removing foreign material. Bevel heavy sections to form a 90 degree vee. Preheat high carbon steels to 400 degrees F. Use jigs, fixtures, and tack welds to maintain alignment. Hold a short arc. Stringer beads are preferred to prevent over-heating. Allow to cool before removing slag. Deposits will take a high polish when subjected to wear.

1/8″ 4400-AS – 2 lbs $79.99 (40.00/lb)

1/8″ 4400-AS – 5 lbs $189.99 (38.00/lb)

1/8″ 4400-AS – 10 lbs $359.99 (36.00/lb)